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Ceremonial Spears

As the Indian Wars became fewer and further between; and gunpowder made its' way west. The Spear became more of a symbolic thing. However; the Spear still showed fur from the "big hunt", maybe a scalp and a feather from a lucky throw. Each Brave had a "one of a kind" that was as fancy and as noble as he.

Please note: If ordering from outside the USA you must e-mail for shipping cost before you place an order.  Tell me what  you want and I will check on shipping cost and let you know.



This beautiful weapon is approx four foot long, has has a substantial metal tip and is trimmed in glass beads, buckskin, feathers, and coyote fur. The beads, leather and feathers will vary on each piece. Each spear is handcrafted here in the southwestern United States by a member of the Creek Tribe and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  54 inch total length





Native American Navajo Made 4-Way Crossed Arrows with Medicine Wheel and Concho
This4-Way with Crossed Arrows, Medicine Wheel and Dreamcatcher is a sign of friendship a prayer for good health and prosperity. This artifact is handcrafted by Native Americans here in the Southwestern United States and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

34 inches long $45.00


Native American Old Style War Lance and Spear

These Old Style Long Lance or Short Spear will make striking decorations for home, office or business. Traditionally, these spears were carried in ceremonies to honor the bravery of the warrior. These antiqued pieces come with bone tip and are available in two lengths, each is finished with beautiful fringe, feathers, medicine bag, beaded strip (that will vary on each spear), and wooden accents. Each one is handcrafted in the southwestern United States and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

55 inches long




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